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2014.07.28 ansel adams2014.07.27 courage anais nin2014.07.10 our greatest glory emerson2014.07.07 we are always emerson lr2014.07.05 life is anais nin2014.06.27 art is oscar wilde2014.06.23 disobediance thoreau2014.06.15 dear human lr2014.06.11 our truest response l'engle2014.06.05 thoreau chairs2014.05.05 emerson money2014.04.16 alice looking glass2014.04.09 imagination maria montesorri2014.04.04 I postpone death by living2014.03.30 when i rise up lr2014.03.24 in the world of dreamers lr2014.03.13 to change one's life lr2014.03.13 the world breaks everyone2014.03.11 may all things2014.03.06 Poetry surrounds